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Special Educational Needs & Disability (SEND) 


How much support will my child receive in lessons?

Support will be based on the individual needs of the student. Learning Support Assistants (LSA’s) are allocated to their subject specialist area. We use a ‘helicopter’ approach in the support we provide in order to begin to develop student independent thinking and learning skills.

Will my child be able to access interventions that are specific to their need?

Yes, interventions will normally take place during form time.

How will other staff be aware of my child’s needs?

Every student on the SEND register will have a pupil profile which is shared with all Staff. This outlines the students strengths, difficulties and the strategies to be used.

Will there be any support for my child during social times? E.g. break and lunch times.

Yes, there are designated rooms which students can use at break and lunchtimes which are supervised by LSA’s.

My child has difficulties with memory and organization, will they be supported whilst learning new school routines?

Yes, we can provide visual timetables and visual equipment checklists.

My child struggles with understanding directions and cannot read a map, what will happen if they get lost?

Don’t worry if you get lost in the first couple of weeks. Higham Lane is a big school and it will take a while to know where all the classrooms are. There will always be a member of Staff on hand to help students who may get lost.

My child can be quite anxious and I am not sure they will share their concerns when being taught by multiple teachers. Will there be any specific member of staff for my child to discuss their worries with?

Every Year 7 student on the SEND register will be allocated a key worker who they will meet with at least once every two weeks.

How will I know how much progress my child is making?

Progress reports are issued three times a year.

My child receives additional support in school from external agencies, will this continue when my child joins Higham Lane School?

Yes. Prior to your child starting Higham Lane the SENDCO will be making contact with any relevant professionals involved to ensure appropriate support is put in place ready for your child starting in September.

Who do I contact if I have additional information to share regarding my child’s needs?

Please contact Miss Greenfield who is the SENDCO at Higham Lane.

My child has a physical disability, will they be able to partake in P.E lessons?

Yes. Our fantastic PE department will adapt activities to ensure that all students can fully participate.

Support 4 Learning provides appropriate support and guidance for all students to access education.

The Department works closely with primary schools to provide a smooth transition for Special Educational and Disability Needs (SEND) students from the start. The team provides a range of support throughout the day depending on the students' needs.

All students on the SEND register have a keyworker and a student profile in line with the SEN Code of Practice 2015. The pupil profile is distributed to the students' teachers so they are all aware of the obstacles each individual student experiences within education, as well as their strengths and interests.

Keyworkers will meet with students at least once a fortnight to check on their well-being and progress across the curriculum. Keyworkers liaise with the member of department to ensure issues/concerns are dealt with immediately. SEND students are assessed for external exam access arrangements in Year 9 to ensure they get the correct provision for GCSE exams.

Support 4 Learning welcomes support from external agencies and works particularly closely with the Integrated Disability Service (IDS), the Educational Psychologist (EP), and Childhood and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS). We also work closely with parents/carers supporting their child through regular meetings, telephone conversations and/or emails.

If you have any concerns or questions regarding SEND provision at Higham Lane School please email

MISS D GREENFIELD, Special Educational and Disability Needs Co-ordinator


Additional information for parents/carers of children with Special Educational Needs, or with a Disability, are available in the attached document.