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Core - PE



All students have to follow Physical Education (PE) at Key Stage 4, which is currently a non-examination course. 

What Will You Do And How Will You Do It? 
You will have 4 lessons of PE per fortnight. We aim to ensure that you fulfil your potential and as such we aim to provide you with a varied programme of activities which aim to suit different interests and needs. Each half term you will have the opportunity to participate in a different activity. In some of these you will gain further experience in activities you have participated in during Key Stage 3, such as badminton, football, netball and dance. There will also be new activities you have not experienced in Key Stage 3, such as judo and squash. 

The main aims of Core PE in Key Stage 4 are: 

  • To develop an advanced level of skill, knowledge, tactical/compositional awareness and fitness.  
  • To take on different roles within lessons, for example coach, choreographer and official and to extend leadership skills.  
  • To extend analysis and evaluation skills, so that students can improve their own and others’ performance.  
  • To learn the importance of participation in physical activity for health and to identify activities which students enjoy participating in, in order to promote lifelong participation in physical activity.

Some of the activities on offer in Key Stage 4 take place off the school site and some are taken by qualified coaches/instructors. Because of this, there will be a small charge should your son/daughter opt for these. 

What Qualifications Can You Obtain? 
Core PE does not lead to a GCSE qualification. 

A wide range of activities is offered at school clubs and there are several Key Stage 4 sports teams. Students are encouraged to participate and represent the School wherever possible. 

For further information, please contact your PE Teacher or Miss Chinn, Subject Leader for PE or Mr Wilson, Assistant Subject Leader for PE.