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Higham Lane School

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Core - Modern Ethics



All students at Higham Lane School have the opportunity to take Modern Ethics. 

What Will You Do? 
You will be studying Modern Ethics, which encourages you to think about the connection between religion and the important issues people face in life. The first half of the course will involve an in-depth study of two religions, their beliefs, traditions and practices. The two religions that will be studied are Christianity and Islam. The second half of the course involves applying this knowledge to the study of ethical issues facing people today such as medical ethics, crime and punishment and war and peace. 

To enhance your learning and to stimulate discussions, you will have the opportunity to draw on a range of resources, from religious artefacts, music, film, literature, art and ICT. 

You do not have to be religious to study this course. You simply need to be interested in discussing topical issues, in finding out what other people think, as well as reflecting and explaining your own reasoned opinion on important life issues. 

This course provides you with the opportunity to develop your knowledge and understanding of religion by exploring the impact of beliefs, values and judgements on decisions that challenge religious believers and non-believers. 

The skills you will gain from this course are considered vital in a number of careers, which involve working with the public (for example, law, politics, teaching, management, banking, tourism); the caring professions, (medicine, childcare, social work, nursing) and professions which require an insight into social issues (journalism and publishing). 

How Will You Do It? 
This course will develop your critical thinking and debating skills. You will be encouraged to engage in discussions on challenging moral issues, to develop your own views and to consider alternative viewpoints on the important questions of life. You will be expected to develop your understanding of others and to question and clarify your own views on a number of ethical issues. 

What Qualifications Can You Obtain? 
All students will have the opportunity to obtain a GCSE full course qualification at grades 9-1. There is a single tier of entry for this subject. 

How Will Your Work Be Assessed? 
At the end of the course, you will be assessed by two examinations on the topics you have studied. As this course is 100% examined, there are no controlled assessments for this subject. 

For further information, please contact your Modern Ethics Teacher or Miss Charles, Subject Leader for Social Sciences and Modern Ethics.