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Higham Lane School

Higham Lane School

School’s policy on face coverings

Dear Parent/Carer,

I hope this email finds you and your family well.

I just wanted to update you regarding the School’s policy on face coverings, following the Government’s recent announcement.

The Government has said that face coverings are not required in schools, except when the school is in a ‘lockdown’ area, but that a school can make its own decision on this, based on its circumstances.

We have said that students and staff may choose to wear a face covering if they wish to. It is entirely optional. They don’t have to. Our thinking on this is based on the fact that we are keeping year groups separate from one another and limiting movement around our site, which some schools are not.

Students wearing a face covering must wear a plain colour covering made from a material that is comfortable and breathable, such as cotton. Bandanas, scarves, or face masks with lettering and logos should not be worn. Face coverings must be worn appropriately.  They must be removed in lessons. Students must bring a clear plastic bag to place the face covering in, when it is not being worn.

Advice on face coverings can be found here:

Disposable face coverings can be worn. We will provide bins for the safe disposal of these.

We are asking parents/carers to ensure that face coverings are washed on a daily basis.

We will keep this matter under review.

I hope this update is helpful to you.

Thank you, in anticipation, for your support on this matter.

Best wishes,