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Higham Lane
Sixth Form

Higham Lane School is judged by Ofsted as an Outstanding School ‘where every pupil is valued and cared for in a strong family atmosphere’

Higham Lane School is delighted to announce that the school has been judged as outstanding by Ofsted following our rigorous two day inspection on 1st-2nd May.

Inspectors noted that: ‘Leaders and governors, inspired by the headteacher, share a powerful commitment to an ambitious vision for all aspects of the school’s work. As a result, they have created a culture that enables pupils and staff to excel. Teachers are determined that pupils do well and they have high expectations for pupils’ outcomes. Pupils love learning, are resilient to failure and thrive in lessons. They are confident, articulate learners.’

During the inspection, inspectors judged that the effectiveness of leadership and management; the quality of teaching, learning and assessment; the personal development, behaviour and welfare of pupils and outcomes for pupils were all outstanding. 

Inspectors also identified that:

‘Leaders and governors provide inspirational leadership which is valued by staff, pupils and parents. They are uncompromising in their ambition for the school and pupils’ outcomes. They have a deep and accurate understanding of the school’s effectiveness and act quickly to address any underperformance they identify.’

‘The school has a broad and balanced curriculum that supports pupils’ academic and social development extremely well. Leaders’ focus on developing the curriculum is strongly rooted in meeting the needs of all pupils. As a result, pupils are very well prepared for the next stage of their education. The very rich range of additional opportunities promotes strong spiritual, moral, social, cultural and emotional development. This is a real strength of the school.’

‘Pupils in key stages 3 and 4 are making sustained and substantial progress in all subjects. The progress made by disadvantaged pupils and those with SEND at least matches, or exceeds, the progress made by other pupils with the same starting points. The provision for pupils with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND) is exceptional. As a result, SEND pupils are making sustained progress across all year groups and subjects.’

‘Teachers have a deep knowledge and understanding of the subjects they teach. They have high expectations and make academic demands that challenge pupils. Consequently, pupils make substantial progress in their learning across subjects and in their personal development.’

‘Behaviour in lessons and around the school is exemplary. Pupils have a mature attitude to each other and to the staff. The school has a strong family atmosphere. The school is a calm, orderly environment. Pupils’ impeccable conduct reflects the school’s effective strategies to promote high standards of behaviour.’

‘Pupils’ excellent attitudes to learning have a positive impact on their progress. Pupils are confident, articulate learners. They are friendly, courteous and respectful of each other and adults. Pupils are proud of their school, value their education and rarely miss a day at school.’

‘Pupils, parents and staff overwhelmingly praise the help, support and guidance pupils receive when they need it.’

‘There is a strong culture of safeguarding. Parents, staff and pupils agree that pupils are kept safe in school. Pupils are taught how to manage risks and keep themselves safe.’

Inspectors judged Higham Lane’s new sixth form as solidly good. ‘Sixth form students are highly motivated to achieve.  As a result, students make good progress from their starting points in the sixth form. The head of sixth form has high expectations for students’ outcomes. Teaching, learning and assessment in the post-16 provision are of a high quality.’

Delighted Headteacher Phil Kelly and Chair of Governors, David Buckle, commented: “Everyone connected with Higham Lane School is so proud that Ofsted has recognised the outstanding quality of our school and its wonderful pupils, staff and governors. Our success is based on excellent relationships between pupils, staff and parents/carers, fantastic team work by staff at all levels and governors and a determination to do our best, celebrate our successes and address any areas that need improving. We always say to our students and staff, “Be the best you can be!” It is wonderful that the pupils can see that the school is living up to its own high expectations.   We would also like to thank our parents/carers for their fantastic support and commitment. They are an integral part of the school’s success”.