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Higham Lane School

Higham Lane School

Media Studies

Media Studies is an exciting course that allows students to develop or demonstrate their creative skills, as well as develop analytical skills with a mixture of practical and theoretical work. Studying media will give the opportunity to:

  • Further develop your skills as an  independent learner –  the course relies on you researching, planning and producing media texts that are original to you.
  • Allow you the freedom to be creative and interpretative.
  • Learn how to use creative software, including Adobe Photoshop and Premier Pro.
  • Understand media in a historical, social, cultural, economic and political context.
  • Develop knowledge and understanding of the theoretical framework: Media language, Representation, Industries and Audiences.

Year 12 Curriculum

Component 1 – Investigating the Media

You will apply the theoretical framework to the following media industries:

  • Advertising and Marketing.
  • Film (cross media study).
  • Music video.
  • Newspapers.
  • Radio.
  • Video games.

Component 2

Media forms and Products in depth.

  • Global age of Television

Component 3

  • Planning and creating a  media production (audio-visual and a website).

Year 13 Curriculum

Component 1 – Investigating the Media

  • Video Games.
  • Radio.

Component 2 -  Media Forms and Products in Depth.

  • Magazines.
  • Online, social and participatory media.

Component 3 –

  • Production completion.

C DEARIE, Teacher in Charge of Media Studies