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Higham Lane
Sixth Form

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All subjects will be offering the two year linear A level/vocational level 3 route. AS level qualifications will not be offered.

Data Protection Act: A copy of the DPA is available from Reception

Data Protection Legislation: The school is registered with the Information Commissioner for holding and processing of personal data. The school has a duty to protect this information and to keep it up to date. The school is required to share some of the data with other agencies including Warwickshire County Council and the Department for Education. Please see our Privacy Notice for full details of how we use and share the above personal information.

Please note that you have the right to withdraw or amend your consent for the sharing of personal information at any time, although we will need to have certain personal information to fulfill our legal duties. You can notify us of a withdrawal of or any changes to your consent in writing by contacting the School’s designated Data Protection Lead -

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Telephone: 024 7638 8123